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Government Monitoring & Support:-  Almost more than 30% of our population have Talented Engineers, Doctors, Defense Personnel, Managers,Consultants, Economists, etc. are working and building up our country directly or Indirectly. They have wide range of thoughts and practical knowledge.  While our country is directly govern by most of Politicians who have been elected directly. These Operational Heads may have or may not have experiences and intelligence  to handle a large constituency.

So, our this mission is basically focus on weak areas of governance, new suggestions, Comparison Charts etc. and escalate them to responsible Officers or Ministries.  Our aim is not discourage or point out Government & Parties rather get out the things which are beneficial to People of Country.  No matters whether its BJP, Congress or Mixed Government.  That is a Separate part of Story. We are only Concern with Development of People and Society. Government must be the source and mediums to achieve the facilities of our general People.