1. Purely Non-Political and without any backup support of any Party, Politicians, Religious Gurus or any type of Society, City, District, State Leaders.
  2. All members are only Worker and nobody is declared as Chairman,President, Chief Secretary, Netas or leader of this Manch.
  3. Self Motivated, Systematic and running in coordination with well educated and settled members in society.
  4. Any Indian Citizen can join but strictly without any desire of power, money and political approaches for Name & Fame.
  5. Mostly focused on improvement of society and country with online methods using Social Media and Internet and also onsite help on weekend’s \ holidays.

Main Objectives:

  1. Development of People, Society, State & Country by providing small contributions like Skills, Education, Expert Advice, Silent Protest against issues like Dowry, Rape, Corruptions, Superstitious and Illegal Activities etc.
  2. Development & Operations  of Online Portal & Database for general public welfare with below features


  1. Submission of General Public Issues \ Problems. (Which is further provided soft or hard copy to responsible Department officers or Ministry)
  2. Free Submission of Jobs \ Vacancies by Industries and free Resumes availability to them. Training Tips by Expert Volunteers to Freshers and Job Seekers.
  3.  Free Online Data for all type of Marriages including Inter Caste, Widows, and Divorcees etc.
  4.  Free Online Lectures, Industrial Training & Suggestions to Board Students, Various Exams Competitors etc.
  5. Consultancies to People \ Students who might felt Depressed and even thought of Suicides a Crime.
  6. Onsite Contributions on weekends or Holidays at orphaned homes, Gov Schools, Parks etc.

Become Volunteer and Contribute your Time, Skills, Education, Advices & Money for building up nation. Our aim is to work selflessly without any individual benefits or publicity. So there is no President, Secretory of this Group जन भारत मंच. All are only People & Workers.